Tai Chi for Kids

The book Movement Activities for the Early Childhood Classroom by Miriam Moran Shankman is now available on:

Amazon in paperback or Kindle version and on CreateSpace and Teachers Pay Teachers

18 Lesson Plans - Engaging body, mind and spirit in playful conceptual learning

After more then 20 years of working in the Early Childhood Classrooms of New Jersey, Miriam has published some of the wonderful lesson plans developed from the teachings of her mother as well as some lesson plans created in and for the classroom.


Miriam is also available to do Workshops, Seminars, In-Service and Keynotes. Topics include:

  • Movement in Early Childhood: More important then ever before. How to make it a part of your class's daily routine
  • Tai Chi for Kids: Making Tai Chi age appropriate for 3, 4 and 5 year olds
  • A "Moving" Story: combining early childhood literature with Movement
  • The Project Approach: playing with investigation, innovation and creation is how we learn
  • The Importance of Meditation in the Life of Educators: Take good care of yourself!
  • The Heart of a Teacher: Why did I become a teacher? What did I teach today? What did I learn today? What do I learn from teaching?
  • Safely is Not a Curriculum: A support group for teachers, directors, administration and a few good parents...

Contact Miriam at miriam@mir-yam.com for more information and booking.


Movement Activities for the Early Childhood Classroom by Miriam Moran Shankman is available in paperback or Kindle version!

Please buy and incorporate into your classroom lessons. Feedback and testimonials are welcome and appreciated, please send here: miriam@mir-yam.com or post a review on Amazon!

Thank you, best wishes and good Chi! - Miriam