Programs Director

"Miriam is a special and gifted teacher. She exudes the peace and tranquility we all seek and gives us the key to find it for ourselves." - Suzy Kass, Former Supervisor, Adult School Department of Montclair Public Library

"Miriam's programs are always well attended. Our patrons love them and her." - Catherine Wolverton, Director, Cedar Grove Public Library

"Our meditation students come back time and again for Miriam's Healing Meditation class. A mixture of meditation and Qigong (pronounced, Chi Kung), this class addresses healing in both mind and body. - Yvette Lucas, Wae Beyond Program coordinator, The Wae Center


Tai Chi and Chi Kung Students

"You are amazing. Quietly amazing."
- Interior decorator, Little Falls,

"A rare and superb teacher who can include all levels in her class."
- English professor at Rutgers University, Newark, NJ 

"You are a gentle and knowledgeable teacher."
- Educational Minister, Montclair NJ 

" You are the most balanced person I know."
- Early Childhood Educator, Montclair, NJ

"You are a wonderful teacher. Thank you for sharing your talents with me."
- Grandma of eight, West Caldwell, NJ 

"I truly enjoy Miriam and her classes. I love life and especially Thursdays when I know I will be in Miriam's chi Kung class. As a cancer survivor it is very important to me to stay calm and live with minimal stress. I look forward to Miriam's class, practice what she has taught me on my own, and leave class totally refreshed. I feel like I been cleansed deep from the inside as I envision healthy vibrant Chi flowing through my body and mind. It is a true learning and beautiful experience each week that has become a part of my very being." - Bernadette, Woman who enjoy every day to the fullest

" I want to thank you for your kindness and expertise. The exercises and meditations helped me with my stress that I can not believe. I have energy after Chi Kung that I never had before. I exercise  and meditate while I am at home at least twice a day. The friends that I meet in class are the greatest. I look forward every week to come to class. I only wish that Chi Kung was available when I had surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. The meditation would have helped me during the hard times. Many thanks. - Carol, Nutley


School Directors and Teachers (Early Childhood programs)

"You could not find a finer person than Miriam. She is admirable in every way. She is an EXCELLENT movement teacher."
- Pamela Betterton, Director, University League Nursery School, Princeton, NJ 

"Her [Miriam's] program is a unique blend of movement, music and other aspects of the early childhood curriculum which challenge and inspire children to integrate cognition, sensory and physical modalities. It is rare to find a program that is so all-inclusive and so developmentally appropriate for young children… Her rapport with children is outstanding"
- Joan Talkowsky, Director, Early Childhood Center at Temple Sholom of West Essex, and Adjunct Instructor, Montclair State University 

"You have taught us many things about working with young children. Your patience, kindness, and firmness—and your appreciation of the children, where they are, and where they are going, are all parts of what makes you a truly excellent and exemplary teacher."
- The faculty at University League Nursery School, Princeton, NJ 

"Thank you for your wonderful program—the outline for the summer and week one are superb—the children should love it!!"
- Wendy Westock, Director, My Morning Out Programs, Montclair NJ 

"I highly recommend Miriam's program and Miriam herself."
- Connie Dancer, Director, University N.O.W. Daycare and Nursery, Princeton, NJ 

"Miriam has a wonderful way with children. She has a soft spoken, no nonsense way about her, while at the same time being very accepting and nurturing."
- Eileen McCoy Whang, Head Teacher, University League Nursery School, Princeton, NJ 


Workshops, Presentations, and In-Service Participants

  • "Absolutely excellent workshop. Speaker was extremely knowledgeable, inspiring and I will try to implement…"

  • "Miriam was excellent!"

  • "I'll be back next year!"

  • "Awesome presenter!!"

  • "I learned many great ideas that I am very excited about doing in the classroom. I can't wait to act out "Guess How Much I Love You"

  • "She had a lot of ideas that I can use with my children"

  • "I have already Implemented much of what I learned last year, and will go in and try turn taking, sharing space, and personal space using paper bags and chairs"

  • "This was fun; I will definitely use activities with my students"

  • "Excellent. I will use the "Recipes" immediately. Thank you so very much! I loved that you said we need to share LOVE! I agree."

  • "Thank you—your style is very welcoming"

  • "This was wonderful"

  • "I enjoyed this and learned a lot"

  • "This was a very informative, helpful session"